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Testers found it easy to master and convenient for both home use by lay people and for point-of-care use by HCPs. Overview on self-monitoring of blood glucose. The BG values ranged from 70. The subjects were rated on a four-point scale with a score of 1, indicating the subject completed the task with no assistance, to a score of 4, indicating the subject needed assistance from the HCP. Predicted blood glucose from insulin administration based on values from miscoded glucose meters. We used the Parkes or Consensus error grid 11 rather than the older Clarke error grid, 13 in order to take advantage of the collective expertise of the 100 endocrinologists who were surveyed in order to create it. A review of standards and statistics used to describe blood glucose monitor performance.

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Overview on self-monitoring of blood glucose. In vitro diagnostic test system requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus. While there are undoubtedly advantages to comparative performance assays among meters, oversight agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration, discourage such comparisons for a number of reasons; chief among them is the potential for perceived, or real, bias, especially when the work is sponsored by an interested party, such as the manufacturer. Support Center Support Center. In the clinic, a total of 420 finger-stick SMBG measurements were made by the subjects, and 418 measurements were made by the HCPs using finger-stick blood from the subjects. Identifying variables associated with inaccurate self-monitoring of blood glucose:

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